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holiday-blog-hop-2aWelcome Holiday Blog Hoppers! Grand Prizes Include TWO Kindle Fires!

hAin’t Love Grand? was my first book. They say “write what you know”–and who did I know better than myself and my husband? While the storyline of the plot is fictional, the relationship between The Healer (me) and The Lawyer (my hubby) certainly hits close to home.

My interest in holistic healing has grown through the years. Today, I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, working with healing energies on my clients. Each client gets to take home a small bottle of energized healing water. I considered offering that as a Blog Hop prize, but the post office isn’t too keen on sending liquids through the mail. So, instead I’m offering  two energized  amethyst  rock crystals as prizes. Each stone will be infused with a high frequency to promote healing and a sense of well being.

 Two Prizes: Amethyst Crystal Rocks infused with Healing Energy

Ways to Enter: Each entry adds to your chances of winning

One: “Like” my Facebook Page and make a comment there.

Two: Reply here by answering this question: Have you ever had an encounter with your Guardian Angel?

Three: Tweet this  Visit AIN’T LOVE GRAND? by Dana Taylor at Holiday Blog Hop. #HOHOHOP @SupernalDana #prizes #contest

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  1. 1

    God luck with your contest, Dana 🙂

  2. 2
    Mary Cochran Says:

    Yes, though at the moment it was happening, I didn’t realize it but did just afterwards when there was no sight of the ‘kind stranger’ yet he didn’t have time to walk away. I’ve felt the protection throughout the years many times as well.

  3. 4
    Sarah M Says:

    I’ve never met any sort of guardian angel, although I had a really great doctor in the past. Because of her pushing me to start some medications (that I really didn’t think I needed), my quality of life got so much better.

  4. 6
    Crystal Young Says:

    No I haven’t but you never know when one might be needed.

  5. 7
    Mama Meme Says:

    I’m not sure if it was my Guardian Angel, but I do know it was an Angel!

  6. 8
    Jeanne Moshay Says:

    I have had too many things happen to not believe in the angels around me. More recently they turn my reading light on and off to alert me to certain things. Being able to trust and be tuned in to intuitions is truly miraculous!

  7. 10

    I have not had an encounter with my Guardian Angel, but I would enjoy such an encounter.

  8. 11
    Kelly Says:

    I twitted!

    I believe that I’ve had an encounter with SOMETHING. I believe I have someone watching over me because whenever life gets too hard to handle, SOMETHING comes up that gives me a step up and I can keep on going. I like to believe that my grandmother looks over me although I’ve never had a sign of it. I sleep with a quilt she made over 30 years ago on my bed and it makes me feel closer to her.

    • 12

      Hi Kelly– Loved ones still care for us even when they are no longer in this plane. There’sa lot of help “out there” if we just take the time to ask and then listen. Take care– Dana

  9. 13
    gaele1 Says:

    I liked your page – and shared with a friend who uses crystals and their properties in the jewelry she crafts. I used a Reiki therapist with one of my older horses who was having some issues – fabulous stuff. I have oils around the house – and thoroughly believe in the power of centering with crystals. Thank you for participating and sharing! I’ve never met a guardian angel – but am sure I have one – there are too many close calls that I’ve had that could have been far worse.

    following via WP reader

  10. 15
    Quilt Lady Says:

    I haven’t encountered my angel yet but I am sure they are there. I liked your page under the name of Virginia

  11. 16

    Wishing you great success with the giveaway, Dana!

  12. 18
    Alice Says:

    I’ve never met an angel but I can feel its presence everyday 🙂
    followed you on twitter (alice_me_78) and liked your page (Anne Gilbert)

  13. 19

    My encounter with an angel was many years ago, although I don’t think it was my Guardian Angel. He was all silver; his robes, his face, his hair. He wanted me to go with him and actually put his hand on my shoulder when I turned away from him. My two small children were sleeping in the next room and I knew I could not leave them.

  14. 22

    I have liked your FB page and I left a comment with the name Crystal Dawn Craig. I tweeted the message as well :

    I’m really not sure if I’ve seen my guardian angel or anything, but there have been times in my life where I believed I was being watched over by my guardian angel because otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be here right now.

    Thank you for the chance to win and for being a part of this blog hop. I wish you a happy and safe holiday season. 🙂

  15. 23
    Karen Pietrusinski Says:

    I believe I have had an encounter with my guardian angel. I have felt a presence on my shoulder, (my son was stillborn) and I have caught a whiff of baby powder but none was used in the house. Others close to him have also smelled this. There are times when someone had to be with me watching over me or I believe I would not be here today.

    • 24

      Hello Karen–Thank you for sharing that. There’s so much we don’t understand, but it’s good to know there are special favors granted to us even in the most difficult times. Take care– Dana

  16. Happy hoppin’

  17. 26
    Beckey Says:

    FB Liked (BeckeyWhite)
    Tweeted (
    Gaurdian Angels question, my answer would be yes. I was in a car accident that the officals (paramedics and police) said I shouldn’t have survived back in 2007.

    Thanks for being a part of the hop and Happy Holidays

  18. 28

    Happy Holiday Hopping. No encounters with angels, other than of the snow kind.

  19. 29
    Lexie C Says:

    Beautiful giveaway!
    I know I’ve been protected on many occasions by guardian angels. One was when I (stupidly) accepted a ride from a stranger.

  20. 30
    Gale Nelson Says:

    Thanks! I commented on your Facebook page and tweeted

    Gale Nelson

  21. 31

    Thank you for participating in the hop 🙂 Liked, Tweeted and Yes, many times 🙂

  22. Yes, I believe I have. Many many times! Oh my gosh I cant wait to read your books! It’s difficult finding others who feel as I do. I am so happy for this blog hop … I have never done one but I found YOU through it! Thank you!!!!!!


  23. 34
    Suzy Says:

    Not that I know of!

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