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Winners of Amethyst Healing Stones Announced

December 16, 2012

Congratulations to KATHY FUIERER and VIRGINIA HORTON on winning a Amethyst Healing Stone through the Holiday Blog Hop.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I look forward to seeing you over at Facebook at the Supernal Living page.

In keeping with the holiday theme of the year, I’m writing up some ANGEL ANECDOTES over at my main site www.SUPERNALLIVING.COM

As you select your holiday reading, I hope you’ll sample Ain’t Love Grand? and Hope for the Holidays.

Blessings to all–

Dana Taylor


Win Healing Crystals in Blog Hop

December 10, 2012

holiday-blog-hop-2aWelcome Holiday Blog Hoppers! Grand Prizes Include TWO Kindle Fires!

hAin’t Love Grand? was my first book. They say “write what you know”–and who did I know better than myself and my husband? While the storyline of the plot is fictional, the relationship between The Healer (me) and The Lawyer (my hubby) certainly hits close to home.

My interest in holistic healing has grown through the years. Today, I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, working with healing energies on my clients. Each client gets to take home a small bottle of energized healing water. I considered offering that as a Blog Hop prize, but the post office isn’t too keen on sending liquids through the mail. So, instead I’m offering  two energized  amethyst  rock crystals as prizes. Each stone will be infused with a high frequency to promote healing and a sense of well being.

 Two Prizes: Amethyst Crystal Rocks infused with Healing Energy

Ways to Enter: Each entry adds to your chances of winning

One: “Like” my Facebook Page and make a comment there.

Two: Reply here by answering this question: Have you ever had an encounter with your Guardian Angel?

Three: Tweet this  Visit AIN’T LOVE GRAND? by Dana Taylor at Holiday Blog Hop. #HOHOHOP @SupernalDana #prizes #contest

Ain’t Love Grand? is available at:

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