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November 14, 2011

What people say about HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS

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L.C. Evans:

The three holiday stories in Hope for the Holidays are uplifting and enjoyable and I loved all three. My favorite of the three was Patty’s Angels. When I was a little girl, I delighted in stories about angels, especially guardian angels. I longed to actually see an angel and, though I never did, on one occasion I believe an angel saved me. Patty’s innocence and childlike wonder are precious and eventually this sweet child and her angels help to bring joy to the lives of others.

Mazie in Shiny Green Shoes was a delightful character, as was Peach Knight. Their unlikely friendship led to great things for Mazie’s future. But the holiday part of the story made Christmas of 1935 a very special one for all the people of Luther, Oklahoma, who had struggled through the depression. All the townspeople came together for an unforgettable and heartwarming celebration.

The shortest story was about a woman who didn’t want to accept her daughter’s husband, until a disaster taught her what was really important in life.

Lynn O’Dell at Red Adept Reviews about Shiny Green Shoes:

This adorable short story drew me in from the opening scene of a deserted theater. Mazie McDonald was there, contemplating her rise to fame and how it all started with her friendship of an elderly white woman who was an actress back in her prime.

I enjoyed this story from start to finish. Mazie’s friendship with Miss Peach was expertly built. The scenes were interesting, and the tale was pretty fast moving with no wasted words.

I began to wonder, about halfway through, how this story was going to tie into Christmas. Soon, it flowed nicely with some holiday spirit as Mazie and Miss Peach showed a town how to celebrate even in the depths of the Depression. 

The ending was wonderful, with all threads of the story tied up neatly. I’m a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies, which are quite often based on short stories. I could easily see a movie being made from this one.